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Rong number mobile application takes your privacy at its utmost priority. The access to our mobile application and the services which Rong number or its group of companies offers to the users are completely based on our privacy policy. You have to understand and adhere to all our privacy policies in order to access the different applications of mobile and proposed services. We require having your acceptance and consent to allow us to utilize your personal details. Our policy of privacy clearly states how your information such as messages and other credentials which we collect or get from you can be utilized and shared by us. Our privacy policy describes that you fully accept our conditions of data collection or other practices which also consists of its utilization and sharing of your credentials too. Our policy also includes the processing or transfer of your personal details to India and other countries across the globe where we have our associate partners, service providers and other facilities whether you use our services or not. You admit and agree to the ordinances, rules and regulations of these countries as they can be other than the one where your entire information has been stored.   We gather and utilize your personal information as our routine work of our services. We have designed our privacy policy to make you understand that how we process, co-ordinate and utilize the data. Moreover, we include your credentials’ allocation or revelation that what all grounds exist when somebody uses our mobile application:

  1. We will understand and recognize the motto of personal credentials being gathered, at the time of its collection and before that too.
  2. We will gather and utilize your personal data absolutely with the purpose of accomplishing our requirements.
  3. All the credentials of person who uploads the posts will remain us.  Everyone would be able to view the post and image however the information about the individual who uploaded the picture will remain with the admin only.
  4. Your no. will be registered along with the other details and nobody, other than us, will be able to see the number or utilize it,
  5. The user will not be allowed to upload the images/videos already stored in the device. Any post can only be captured and uploaded through camera option accessed through the app only. The time will be mentioned on the posts which turn out to be the proof of instant picture clicked.
  6. We will engage the personal credentials till the time it is essential for the referred purposes else not.
  7. All the personal data will be collected by us through impartial means and following law and order prominently.
  8. We shall save and preserve the personal details against copying, unwanted use and theft. We shall provide safety measures to prevent any kind of loss, unapproved access and revelation. We ensure that we shall maintain our legitimacy and work ethics in order to protect your esteemed and valuable personal information as confidential and unharmed.

We have all the rights reserved with us and can do any amendments when required. If anyhow, you don’t accept any factor of our privacy policy, you should stop using the access of our mobile application and discontinue its services instantly.   Privacy for children: We do not refer any of our services to the children below the age group of 18 years. We do not intentionally gather any recognizable information from any child under 18. If in case we come to know that a kid below 18 years has uploaded his personal credentials then we erase the data from our main servers spontaneously. If any guardian or parent came to know that his/her ward has provided his/her personal data to us then it is requested that he/her brings it to our notice and we will proceed with further actions.