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‘Rong Number’, the mobile application, is an Indian start-up and is a kind of social media application but with a different theme which is based on the ‘Evil Cleansing’.‘Rong Number’ is not like other social networking/micro blogging apps through which users get to know about the good deeds of their friends or followers. Rather it highlights the wrong deeds of people.The users of this mobile app would be able to upload only those pictures and videos which pertains to anything which is considered wrong/bad and should not happen at all e.g. a polluting vehicle or someone urinating openly or someone drinking at a public place.It may be anything which a user feel, should not happen and must be stopped. These Rong Numbers though seems petty in nature but causes a lot of chaos in our society and hence making these wrong numbers RIGHT is our top priority. Through ‘Rong Number’, we intend to provide a platform to those people who wants to stop the wrong doings happening around them and, in this way, we would be able to discourage people in doing wrong things and achieve our mission of ‘Evil Cleansing’.